Monday, July 28, 2008


Everyone hates Monday!!! Well, maybe some do love it depending on who you are (though I would say you belong to the minority). Anyway, let's just make things easier for me by saying everyone hates Monday.

I used to hate Monday too! Before I graduated of course! Sunday tends to end faster and next thing I do know is, "Shit! Its Monday and I'm still having a hangover." Well, no matter how much I do rant or bitch about Monday, it still comes every week! The only lucky guy who doesn't really care bout Monday then was Wilson (you know why) but now that he's working, I bet he hates it too (or maybe not...).

Anyhow, after graduation, Monday has become less hateful to me since everyday is a holiday! I still have some unfinished jest on it though because when Monday comes, everyone is busy with work or studies! To those who are working, (sigh~) I'll be joining you soon. To those who are studying, you should all have skipped classes to accompany me! Just kidding~

Oh yeah! I'll be actually starting my job this Friday! Wow! That's way too fast right? I agree! But loitering around when everyone's busy isn't that much of a fun actually. Gonna be a 8.30am till 5.30pm (or later...) kind of person. This is so not me! Life should just be living your way through happily! I'm bitching because I don't like working in a 2 by 2 cube! That's life, mate!

For the post-graduate break, should I put as being fruitful, productive, eventful, dull, exciting or all those words you use to describe holidays? Well, eventful, kinda I guess although there weren't many events happening or me joining as in before. Think the break (not counting Eastern Europe trip of course) is kinda for me to relax myself up and study (Oh yeah! P stands for Passed). I've been a good boy relaxing and working my ass off at times. Seriously, I haven't even club yet until now! Konon-nye lots of wrong timing and takde kaki. My pu-mo-mo cousin sister "gold-basin-wash-hand" which is why my main "leg" for clubbing on techno or trance or house music is cut-off-ed. Most surprisingly, I didn't even start much on my food hunting. With all those stuffs going on and petrol price increasing, its been kinda hard. Another major reason is no food-kaki who stays nearby. You know who you are so make sure you faster get your ass here! Not to say I haven't savor anything at all but not to everyone who knows what I would do punye expectations.

Should be high-time I post up some pictures from my Eastern Europe trip, been lingering for awhile now and I'm still not done filtering them (I didn't touch the pictures for ages). Don't ask much for my pictures of me back in KL. Not really a camera-carrier person, so I don't cam-whore much. Some of the friends did take some shots of me so am just gonna wait till they send to me or see it on Facebook. Oh! Girls who were in my car the night we (rather me the driver) kept getting lost and stole some hideous shots of me, do gimme yeah!

Am not good as most people in describing the pictures (where, when, what, why), so I'm just gonna put some captions while you all imagine the rest. I lack patience in these. Ask me to describe it to you face-to-face no problem. That's the only choice so call me, "for a date!" (Ladies only!)

Plitvice Lake, Croatia. This place is bloody beautiful!!!
I'm in right on the border of Poland and Slovakia. The red stone marks it!
A old man street performer in Zakopane, Poland. He looks like a dwarf in those fairy tales!
Trekking down and across of the range in Stary Smokovec!
Local delicacies: Pierogi
Yet another local dish: Can't remember the name though
Me in Budapest. See how "tanned" I've become! Oh yeah! The river behind is the BLUE DANUBE (for real)

We end here tonight!


leongghee said...

u r freaking tanned la in that pic..
and congrats for the work! KL?

Wilson Liong said...

congratz! happy working then hahahah!

Who said I didn't care about Monday?!!!

MinaMi said...

kaki coming back la wait for me OK!

Wai Sun said...

leongghee: tanned means sexy! although now un-tanned back dyy... thanks! KL

wilson liong: everyone says that! ask KM

minami: faster laaaa... or I pecat u