Saturday, July 5, 2008

Graduation III

Hellooo. . .

I actually found some empty slots in my somehow self-declared "tight" schedule to post up pictures and posting with regard to my graduation which happened 2 MONTHS AGO!!!

Sorry peepz but I don't know why I feel so busy although I'm not really entirely. Anyway, why don't I try to update everyone on any updates that pop out from my mind right now?

Lets see. . . I'm job-hunting right now and am gonna attend an interview on Wednesday noon with GE. Mind you GE stands for Great Eastern not General Electric as that was what Shawn, Wei Yee and Daniel thought of at first hear last night! Why would they thought of General Electrics when its not even a popular (I think) in Malaysia? Beats me to find out. Anyway, I'm trying as hard as possible to meet up with friends that I "dumped" here in KL when I went back to the States last year so to those whom I haven't meet up with do bare with the waitings yeah!

I wouldn't have thought that I have graduated in May and its already July now! Time does travel in its own pace huh. I wished it followed mine. Friends in U.S. getting their jobs and leading a different path now (Congrats to Wilson for getting his dream job far far away from the other Midwest gang), and me applying companies by companies on what ever I can grab. Mind you, I still don't really know what I wanna do even till now. The solution is therefore getting what I can get and try to establish from there. Luckily, I will be learning some rather interesting new stuffs soon (I hope) and its something which I had actually been yearning to learn since I was a small kid (something like at the age of 7). To those who wandering what's that about try guessing! Though I doubt you will be able to find out. I did mention new stuffs (note the s) and one of the new things that I have develop some kinda keen interest in is photography. Don't get too surprised and start thinking that I would get a big camera and all those fancy lenses now! Hold your imaginations. I had some basics in photography before thanks to my dad who taught me all about the important pieces that I need to know in order to take pictures that are worth it (I doubt mine is worth anything), so what I plan to do now is actually try to develop an "eye" or rather a knack for taking pictures from different perspective and angles. So, it will gonna be a long time until I'll get something better as a camera as I intend to play along with old camera for now (playing with the basics that my camera can offer). A few that I know have been giving me advices lately telling me to play along with my camera first before doing a huge leap like normally people do which is why I'm gonna take that advice.

Anyhow, seemed like I have been talking non-stop about myself huh. . . I really wanted to talk something about graduation and friends in the U.S. but I'm really outdated on what's new! UPDATE ME! ! !

About graduation, Drake's graduation is never anything on the fancy side during the whole commencement ceremony so imagine a dull procession going on. What did surprise me was the speech given by the Student Body President which was really up-lifting and cheerful which made the event seemed better than usual (I have attended a total of 3 commencements in Drake). Anyhow, typical of Malaysian students to blast their cameras out to take as any photos as possible after the commencement event with their friends and families. I do think that none would actually thought of everyone has been there throughout all these time and gonna move on towards their own directions the very next moment when everything ends. We do think that we are taking photos for our memories of everyone but it never actually crossed our tiny minds on how vast and big the difference in the path we chose are gonna be. So, here's my wish to everyone (although it seemed alittle on the late side)


And now for the finale. . . PICTURES!

Oooops! I forgot! Pictures are in my laptop and I'm posting these using my house-PC! So, wait for Graduation III-Pictures tonight (cross my fingers) yah!


Wilson Liong said...

Good luck ar for ur interview!!!

sHaNDyGaL said...

GE is the commonly known name for general electric k!!!!

even text books write that.. so get lost your great eastern... hahahaha

Jack said...

wilson: thanks dude!

shandygal: eh eh... I didn't kutuk your company k!!! later I don't get any offer from GE you're gonna support me dyyy!!!