Thursday, December 20, 2007

Home Alone

First thing first, finals over!
Watched Alone (a horror Thai film) earlier with Wilson, Kim Ming and Rain. It was okay though as usual I have fear for such horror movie. I just can't stop the fear in the suspense and gross face of the ghost. It leaves me uneasy.

Anyway, after watching the Alone, we (or rather I towards the end) watched Home Alone. Its classic. I have always love watching this movie. I wonder how many billionth times have I watched this movie but I still love it. It too was my first ever movie that has to do with Christmas. Yes. This made me remember the beauty of Christmas. This was the movie that made me think and feel that Christmas is a wonderful day with snow falling being the most beautiful scenery. How could I forget the beauty of snow falling being imprinted in my mind when I was young watching this wonderful movie.

Watching Home Alone really brought me back to my peace state of mind after being turmoiled by the Alone. It always had with any other movies. Something about the Christmas songs, beautiful scene of snow fall, and the touching important scenes of family make me feel peace. I love the part especially where Kevin went and look for the so called Santa Claus messenger and then proceed to the church where he had a conversation with the old man neighbor. That scene brings hope to Kevin in protecting his house from being robbed. That sort of feeling of hope is what I feel whenever this scene being played. Furthermore the effects of the carols being sung provide me with this feeling even more. I'm not sure how to describe this in words. It really is just a feeling. Call me weird. I don't mind since this is what I feel. I guess this is what people mean with the word hope during Christmas.

Another note about Home Alone that I'm sure my parents would be very happy to read is that it really brings the word family into my heart. The importance and love for your family. That is what I felt whenever I watch this especially the ending part of the mom finally reached home and saw her son, Kevin in a safe state. And for Kevin, finally seeing her mom during the white Christmas is such a relief to him. It really make my heart sinks during this scene and also the part where the mom said, "I'm desperate." I guess this really brings me back to my senses on the importance of my family to me.

I believe I told a few readers here that my next post (which was supposed to be this one) to be posted in Malay. But since I was talking about an English movie I suppose it would be just right for me to type in English. Maybe I can relate it properly in Malay? Here I go:

"Home Alone" mempunyai suatu keindahan unik yang boleh membuat saya mendapat aman dalam hati dan sanubariku. Aman beerti hatiku tenang seperti tasik biru yang boleh memantulkan rupa langit dengan nyata sekali. Bukan sahaja ketenangan dan keamanan yang boleh ku peroleh tetapi juga makna keluarga. Kadang kala kita lupa erti keluarga yang sebenar dan kepentingannya. Aku kenal kembali makna dan pentingnya keluargaku. Aku percaya yang boleh menyebabkan ini berlaku bukan sahaja jalan cerita filem ini tetapi muzik Hari Natal yang berbentuk koir dan peribadi kanak-kanakku yang terpendam di dalam hatiku. Ini semua memberi makna baru dalam hidupku setiap kali aku menonton filem ini. Nampaknya catatanku juga sampai batasnya. Sudah kian lama aku tidak menaip atau mengarang dalam Bahasa Melayu. Sampai sini sahajalah. . .

PS: My next post would be 100% Malay I'll try my best.
PS2: Say me "nah pet" or whatever, I don't really care or mind. This is what I consider as my own personal space of peace (utopia).
PS3: I'm looking for all the songs in Home Alone. Anyone knows please tell me.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

2 Years!

Haha. . . Damn long never update my blog. I guess I'm starting to see all the vines and green slimy stuff growing on my blog. Okay! Time for clearing it up a little. What can I say. . . Finals next week and I only have 2 courses out of 4 that have finals. How fun is that? Actually not too fun since those courses without finals, gonna have presentation and projects due. Haha. . .

Time flies you know. . . I have been here for nearly 2 years already! Wow! And I'm gonna graduate in about another 5-ish months time. I graduate when I'm 21! Never had I thought of this when I was still in high school. I thought that my age of graduation would be somewhere around 23. Now I'm 2 years ahead of what I planned. Meaning I'm gonna start working my ass off for the great period of my life. Isn't that good and bad? Good: I get my own money without being a dependent. Bad: I miss school and all those extra hours plus working means working!

Anyway, half of my batch buddies are gonna graduate by the end of this semester which means next week! Half of us are gonna stay. I'll definitely miss them. Most of the closest friends I have in Drake indeed are from my batch. Was having "guy's pillow talk" the other night with Kim Ming (he's gonna graduate too) and Wilson, and they were asking which is the best semester that each of us ever enjoyed in Drake. Both Wilson and Kim Ming had the same opinion on the first semester was the best as everything was new and we were dumb. Haha. . . All those times of a group of us going to library or GK basement to study ACTS 140 which ending up quarreling between groups for 1-2 hours just for a simple formula. End up we did finish our homeworks and partial of required studies, but our stomachs grumble which therefore leaving us to my room in Morehouse cooking stuffs to eat. That was the best. Also, the number of Malaysian too wasn't that a lot Kim Ming suggested. Well, lots of stuffs did happen in our first semester and it was indeed happy, young and fun! Thinking of it, we do have less fun than when we were 2 years ago. Maybe we grew and become this way or simply because we found new source of fun.

To me, the best semester that I would ever have in Drake would be the semester where the plaque of not having cute Malaysian chicks dies. Haha. . . Kidding! I bet the best semester for me is the first year in Drake due to many reasons. One of it would I grew up most during this 1 year time period. I became from a person who only indulge in Utopian thinking to something more realistic. I gained the necessities to approach real adulthood. I made good friends here who I bet would last a lifetime too. I learned that I have friends here or in Malaysia who would always stand by me. I learned not to rely on others too much in life and to judge someone only by their outlook plus betrayal can be anywhere. I learned what is truly important to me. I learned that girls older than me in couples of years time can be quite attractive. . . *wink *wink :p
Note: Mom gonna scream when she reads this. My taste is so screwed up in the recent years!

Anyway, just gonna wish "ALL THE BEST" to all my departing, graduating comrades! Gonna miss you people! Don't act naughty and better not to forget to invite for your weddings in the future!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Being 21

Finally, I'm 21!

1) I can have a horizontal driving license
2) I can go to clubs without being marked as a minor
3) I can go into casino and stop whenever or where-ever I like
4) I'm legally being able to call myself a young adult
5) Last but not least, I can go into Hyvee and get myself booze anytime without relying on Kim Ming or John or Wilson !!! :p

Haha. . . On another happy note, I found back my glasses which I thought I had flushed down the toilet the other night we were drinking. Phew!

Actually, I thought I would feel a BANG once I become 21 but it seemed it is just another ordinary thing that is happening in my life. So, live on with it! Haha. . . To those friends who are away somewhere on Earth and those in KL, sorry can't celebrate with you guys this time! Maybe the next one okay! Promise!

Side note: Gonna have a midterm right after my birthday! What a waste!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Second of December

Although today isn't my birthday, but everyone had a earlier celebration for me. Thank you everyone! Appreciate it everyone!!! Thank you!