Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Made my day

Effing good shit! It only took me 20minutes to reach office this morning! Woot! That means more time to read google news and yahoo! finance. yeah right! hahaha... though the best shot is en-tour to office few of the good shit songs got played CONSECUTIVELY! Isn't that awesome?!

And on another note! Wilson's gonna follow my old footsteps soon! Hahaha... Fucked up dy the fella!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

101 Dalmations

Watta night... It was pretty hot during the day though not as hot as yesterday or few days ago. I did mention "watta night" but it's just the usual Saturday night. The good thing is that I found a place with good Thai food. Delicious tom-yam I dare say. Was thinking on where to have a dinner for Mother's Day and dad came out with this place that his friend mentioned. No, it's not a fancy restaurant or dining place but rather a stall ala restaurant located somewhere in Cheras's Taman Muda. That place is run by Thai's so no comment there. Finally, a place for me to get some decent tom-yam after craving for it for so long.

So, that is all for Mother's Day. Yeah I know. Such a bad son of me not doing anything fancy for my mom. Tell you what. Suggest some ideas for me that I could probably do for Mother's Day that I won't get nag at. Something new. Something fresh. This is your homework.

Back to 12am, am wrapped up with blankets in my room with the air-condition being turned on with a good decent temperature. Only thing missing is some white flakes to look at outside the window while sipping a cup of coffee. Still, I got some sentimental ballads turned on as always. Been awhile since I played all these too. Ahhh. The beautiful sound of the piano for each songs. Why are most ballads using piano to add the emo-ness? No idea. Enlighten me.

Don't think I'm emo just because I'm listening to all these. Think of it as a relaxation therapy. If I'm really emo, mind you, I would be listening to trance. Weird? I think so too.

Exam is in 5-6 days. How well prepared I am? No justification there. Help! That's all I can say. My brain haven't been in-tuned to study lately. All I can think of is what are the un-checked items listed on my tasklisk sticking somewhere in my cubicle and how am I going to make it a check without a new un-checked item coming in like a rolling stone. I won't or will not try to justify just how much I have to do. All I can say it's a pain in d ass. Though now that I mention this, I was quite taken aback and saden by how I was being underestimated in what I am doing and how much I'm doing (note: this is an emo statement). Am not sure how long this had been but still, if such thought is to occur, definitely it has got to be there for awhile now.

Reading back. The way I'm typing this post out looks very mono. Blame it on the brain dead. Have patience. Am gonna try copy some new writing formats after I've finish devouring the 2 new books I bought but still left unopened in the drawer.

Oh well!

Happy Mother's Day!

PS: Maybe I'll post up some pictures I've been taking with my I-phone.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Knock off

This is a sad news...

I hit a cat while I was driving today. It would have much better if I killed it straight. I'm not being cruel here but I guess I only hit it's back half portion. It's gonna die soon so why must I let it die a painful miserable death? Feeling unease of such cruelty that I put upon the poor cat. Amen

Oh... I'm planning to go on a gruffly kinda look. Plan ta keep my facial hair... What's your take readers?!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

99th posting!

I love to read story books and novels. That is why I tend to prefer words over figures. However, I chose a job that mostly deals with figures instead of words. Then a chance for me to brush back my writing skills in my job dance beautifully in front of me, but I took off to the road of figures dumping the words once again. That's why this site has been left empty for months. I dropped my thinking pen, tuck it in nicely into the drawer and draws it out once again tonight.

I'll try ta write up a pretty post here. Another excuse for me to hid my pen all these while is that I always complained (to Flora especially, since she bugs me to update here) that I've got no inspiration or no ideas on what to put. Now that I think of it, what better to post up for now than my own personal vain update?!

Let's try shall we!

A brief introduction first though! I'm Jack. Been dumping this happy, exciting, emo yadah yadah site for 4 months now! Haven't gone shopping in ages, well, I think since Chinese New Year. Sounds wrong right? But yeah! It's kinda hard to get the clothes that will start my drive on shopping spree here in KL. Yes! I so so so missed the shoppings in the States! Especially those jackets! Soon people... Soon! Anyhow, Jack is still Jack. Still very jumpy too! It's still too early to settle my ass properly on something firm. It prefers to dangle in the air!

Okay... What's more to write? Hmmm... Pictures? I don't have much pictures of myself taken recently too. I'm not a cam-whore sorta person. Haha... Was reading my previous posts and there was a post with Hendrik (Michelle's Pappa Rich) saying my blog is too wordy. Hahaha! Ooops!

Okay! Okay! Back to main point. Updates... Updates! Heck! I got one!

And that is...

The End.... For now... ta!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009

Yeah man! I know this is a bit late but... BETTER LATE THAN NEVER..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HAPPY 2009 folks!

My resolution?

Kena lottery?! :p