Thursday, February 28, 2008


It's snowing again. It looks so beautiful each time snows fall from the gray twilight sky. I used to love snow and I still do. What I do dislike is the after effect of snow. The slush, the slippery road, the dirt, and most importantly the coldness engulfs the body when the wind chase against the melting snow and ice. No matter the snow is indeed beautiful. We thank Mother Nature for the beauty of snow falling onto our personal paradise and we damned her for taking away the beauty by turning it into a mess.

Did anyone get the point I made above? There's really no point to it. It was just an introduction. An introduction for my lovely title of "two-sides". No doubt it can be the conclusion.

Two sides of things: The main theme for me writing this post today. What is it about? I don't know. But we'll find out for sure.

Have anyone ever felt that there is always this other side of themselves that wants to break free from what ever that is imprisoning it. The other side! Be it if you're a good person, there is this evil feeling that tells you to just let loose of it and it will create a perfect hell paradise for you. If you're an evil person, maybe its the better side of you that wants to emerge or maybe a worse devil from what you are. Anyway, this is just part of the idea. In psychology, I used to learn bout the id, ego, and the superego. What we're acting now is down to ego; a balanced decision between the never ending of personal desire (id) and society's law (superego). I hope the need to further discuss the meaning of these three hosts is not necessary as I will insert an assumption that every readers knows them. So, lets skip the introduction.

It would be against the very foundation of what I've learned but should I put it in a way that describes the other side of ourselves. The id defines the evilness of our soul since what we want to do has no bound for any law or moral which will definitely affect people around us. Now let the superego be the guardian (note that I did not mention angel or goodness as superego as superego is mostly shaped by what culture and society look on us). Ego who is standing in between this two super figures (maybe tilted towards on either side more depending who you are), have to decide whose idea or concept for an event that is best to accept depending on the norm of the present. Should it fall for either, the consequences are for us (the person) to bear.

By: Louisa Wallström. All rights reserved!

As you read, I assume that you get the sense of what I'm trying to say. That is id, ego, superego and ourselves are different entities. The two main figures shape what the third entity should do and for us (the person) to bear. That is what we usually do is actually back to the fact that it is the doing of the ego. Our outer shell of actions is the ego. The other side who is shouting and screaming in agony inside the tight height by width greasy prison is actually one true self. It does not accept the fact that his or her life is corrupted by these three entities (id: desire or needs, ego: the balanced fact, superego: the so-called goodness). Should I give it a name, I would somehow call it our "soul". Our soul is always screaming to be released from this purge.

Let's just say the situation is where a person lying and begging for help but is ignored by others. The superego preached that this is the society laws to be looked down upon as you are in the lowest of the monarchy and the best you can do is tilt your head high and work hard to success. The id desires a more immediate effect to satisfy its inner burning anger of being ignored. It says shout and scold this damn fools who don't even realize the fact that you're there. And the ego balanced them out yet again. However, the person deep deep inside is might be actually shouting a completely different idea.

So far, until this extent, some might already consider what I'm saying here as a multiple personality disorder. Something that is already be introduced and I'm only far-fetching with ignorance of not knowing this. As I mention this fact, it proves I do know of such existence and I'm not leaving it lying down there for people to pick it up. I would even boldly go to the extend that the idea I presented is what lead to multiple personality disorder. However, multiples can happen more than one then. Does this mean we have more than a soul in us? I would merely conclude it as there is only one in us and those multitudes are merely the fact of those strong existences of in between the long line connecting the other three entities.

That is ourselves lie deep within ourselves bounded by the prison constructed by three key-holders. Should we be strong enough to break the torturing cage, we would definitely live up to what society upholds as "be yourself"!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This post is dedicated for my new laptop! Totally 100% (most probably) for my new laptop only. I received my laptop from the UPS post on Tuesday (finally...) after a week or two of patience. I really wanted to post a picture of new laptop but tak nak ler... If not someone say I show off. You know who you are. . . Haha. . .


I just realized that I have got myself quite a number of view from somewhere specific where I had no idea who's reading it. Haha... Thanks for being a fan people!
Due to popular critics, I will not change the song in my blog page to something else.

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Look

Hey there everyone! ! ! By complying to Yee Ming's quick comment or maybe demand for my new look on my blog page, I did the necessary renovation for this online diary of mine. Haha. . . Should anyone would ask, "What the hell did he changed?" I'll answer the question. Here's what I did:

  • I changed the background (duh...) from a tropicana plain green color into a shade of dark background with a solar explosion splash on it. Plain huh. . . Oh well, I do love what's happening above our heads.
  • I had a redo on the descriptions about me. It sounds even more awful now.
  • I added the best thingy in this page that is a slide-show of Hebe's pictures. As most readers do know, I'm a big fan of Hebe. Haha. . . (Sorry bout the out-of-place deco here)
  • A new song for the blog page which is more suitable for my Groans & Grunts theme (not the sound of it though. Listen and you will know).
  • I made some edits on the titles on the side bar.
  • I planned to add a new sidebar stuff which is all about entertainment stuffs that I would like to do, had do, doing, and planed to do.
Well, that's all I could come out with in such a short amount of time. Any ideas or comments to this new outlook do please tell me. . . I wanna try to make it as syok as possible.

See ya!

PS: Thanks Syelynn for the info on Akemi. Appreciate it!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

waiting in anticipation

I have something to declare. . . I am listening to a nice and yet annoying song as I'm typing this blog. That #*/% Wilson kept playing this "Money, Money" song for the zillion-th time already. Feel like taking my walking stick and shove it into his mouth. Haha. . . I'm so cruel. . .

On a totally separate issue, my new laptop is gonna sampai tomorrow! YAY! This means that I no longer need to loan laptop usage from Kim Ming. Mind you! He's charging me a high fee for it. Haha. . . Ssshhh. . . Don't tell him. Cannot tahan my excitement of waiting for the laptop already.

I know this post's topics gonna be like super random and useless (in a way) but I still need to announce this. Since everyone is customizing the look on their blog sites, I might therefore join into the craze and renovate my blog site too. Well, its not gonna be something heck lot of a super duper thingy but I'm just gonna make it look better. Maybe a better background, title picture, new songs, cooler posts, and much much more (I have no idea actually. . .). All these in order to attract more readers (girls preferably). I'm such a desperate fellow.

Something bout today, a group of us went out for dinner to Texas Roadhouse and guess what! We had to wait in-line for about 65 minutes as told by the receptionist. As we were hungry and cold, we didn't wait but proceed to Applebee's instead. However this time the service wasn't good as we had to wait to be served for a certain period of time and as Kim Ming mentioned, "The food presentation is not good! Haha. . ."

In conclusion, this is a super duper random post.

Pssst. . . Since I did say this is a super duper random post, I'm just gonna put up a Youtube video of JJ-Lin's Shu Neng Sheng Qiao. I just love the model in this MV. Anyone who knows her do please intro me to her!!!! Pllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeee. . .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

R.I.P. my Thinkpad R51

Its been such a sad period of time for the past few days. My laptop which had served for a definite four years now has finally lost its fight. My laptop has given up hope on me (the user). Haihz. . . Because of this, I just purchased a new laptop which costs me a bomb (shouldn't have listen to Kim Ming to upgrade all the specs). Right now I'm using Kim Ming's laptop since I just bought the same brand as his laptop (must get used to its stuffs first right !). Now I'm only hoping that my brand new super pricey laptop would reach soon as I'm desperate to perform my daily needs with it!!! Not forgetting my old laptop, I would like readers to take a minute of silence to pay our last respect to my R-51 Thinkpad. Rest in peace. . .

Enough with sad shits. . . I'm having writer's block this few days. So, I'm just gonna show everyone some pictures taken in Keny's place during his 3-in-1 home party! ! !

38th Street Reds with the Hyper-Mui
38th Street Reds, Quack, "High" Romeo
38th Street Reds, Quack, QuickTrip(QT)
38th Street Reds, Da Niao
38th Reds, Quack, Da Niao, RNHS Guy
Encore: Kim Ming's mom would be overjoyed!!! Don't you agree?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gong Hey Fatt Choy

Its the time of the year again. . . Its Chinese New Year! One of the best and happiest time of the year (would be better if I'm in KL). Today is the third day of this auspicious festival (chor sam). I finally found some time to blog it up about my celebration here in Drake. Well, its so far so good! Haha. . .

On New Year's eve we had a "small" F reunion dinner on our own (F stands for Friends not Family here) over at my apartment. Good food good people good times. After meal, we proceed to a must-to-do CNY activity - GAMBLE. I lost all my chips for In-Between in the second round! ! ! Sad! Well. . . Its the fun that matters anyway. However, the fun didn't last long. My laptop got ROSAK ! AAAARRRGGGHHHH. . . Wonder what happened to my baby laptop. Sigh~~~

Right now my laptop is lying peacefully in Carnegie Hall waiting to be "inspected" by what I hope my saviors.

Chinese New Year should be a family occasion too but what funny bout this year's festive season is that my whole family of 3 aren't together at all. I'm in U.S., dad is in Peru and Mom is in KL. Haha. . . Typically lots of people would squint their eyebrow seeing this but my family is strange in a way. Haha. . .

Made a few phone calls to relatives and I realize how far off celebrating Chinese New Year without them is. Its really far far far off.

Alamak. . . Too long didn't blog already so I'm not sure what to write either. Well, good news is Wilson is writing his now and I'm gonna go peep!

Wilson's Blog

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It was snowing the whole day today but why can't it continue till tomorrow!!! If that's the case then I wouldn't need to go to classes tomorrow!!! Haha. . . My mom would kill me when she reads this. Anyway, why am I blogging I don't know but I think I should or this blog site would be dead.

Chinese New Year is coming and its on Thursday!