Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy busy

Man! Each time I've some inspiration to blog or post something up I would lose all these ideas or motivation to write them up by the time I switched my laptop on and check my Facebook. Just an update, been busy at work all week long. Consolation for being a hardworking employee would be 2 movies night out (Madagascar II and Twilight) and a company sports club annual dinner. Guess what! I was in the performance team. Somehow I always get forced to participate in this kinda stuff. Well, the good thing was that we actually won the other teams (it was kinda a surprise I dare say since there was this one team that could dance with a better oomph than us..HOT!).

On the negative side, something has been bothering me lately. By a lot too! I've been trying to get some advices from certain "professional"s but for now everything seemed to be in not really good looking. The best idea would still be my very own idea which is to chill out and watch. Tough!

Well, this is it. Ciao peepz!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm gonna exploit my blog! Indirectly~~

I'm gonna be turning "old" soon and I've no idea how to make it into a fun gather gather...

I've finished exploiting! Now you all know!

Please prepare accordingly... Hahaha!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An update

As promised. An update!

For those who missed Keny and Sook's wedding ceremony and dinner. Don't worry. I bet your passion for shark fin soup or the fun were present. I felt the Force (being a Star War fan). Anyhow, now that's all over the bride and the groom deserve the short term rest.

What I'm gonna write below is gonna get this post a couple comments such as, "I told you lo, Jack!" or "You see... xxxx very nice ehh." sorta. Here goes,

As I was driving home to KL from Penang and vice verse on Friday, I definitely need to pass by the middle point of Ipoh. Ipoh being geographically situated among hills of rocks (batu kapur if my memory serves me well) made it something like Quillin of China. So, it's the Quillin of Malaysia. Not to forget, loads of my male friends had always made statements that Ipoh is famous for good looking people of the opposite sex. I've yet to be proven onto. Anyhow, I'm not gonna start burning up my male hormone in this post. Maybe later!

So, as I was driving and looking in front tentatively, I was also admiring the nice scenery those stony rock-hills created. It's astonishing as for both of the times I travelled that certain stretch, it was like most of my bulks of negativity recently has been unloaded of my back. I feel refreshed. Not bad huh!

Not to mention, a few old songs that were played from my I-Pod randomness made me think back of my desires. Now I remember why I wanted to study in US all these years. It's because I read too many Archies (the song Sugar Sugar was being played) and watched too many old American movies (the very old ones). I got attracted to the features that were imagined when I was a kid.

When the song "Yesterday Once More" by The Carpenters was being played, I imagined back to the old times such as the 50s or the 60s where life (no doubt harsher) but much simpler than now. I got all these ideas from the old movies. Hollywood really got into me when I was a kid. I do hope some readers remember some of the movies showing a kid wearing a flat cap with checkered shorts running up an empty street with a few old Ford cars on the sidewalk while swinging their baseball bats or ice-lollies. Don't make me be the only one who still is a kid at heart.

So, yeah! Being refreshed and reminiscing all those old thoughts and memories definitely gave me some "Quantum of Solace" or how they put is as "Kebahagiaan Dalam Dunia Penuh Kesengsaraan". Kudos to our translators.

Anyhow, maybe I ought to travel up North more often. Okay Ipoh peepz. You may shoot me now!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog of solace

A soon update! I promise...