Wednesday, March 26, 2008

High School level requirement

Wow! Its been awhile haven't it? Really. . . Unlike all my other fellow bloggers out there, I have nothing much to write about. Well, Spring Break did just got done with and normally I should have loads to fill out in this site. Sorry people! None! This Spring Break is the one with the most laid back happenings of all. The only stuffs that I have was uploaded in the previous post.

I'm actually filling up this post just to tell you all out there that this blog is still surviving and existing! Haha. . .

On a happy (not sure to be happy or not) note, Eming did a scanning for my blog using this site:; where it shows the reading level required in order to understand what the heck I'm actually writing about. Well, luckily for most of my readers out there, you don't need to be an Einstein to be able to understand it cause the reading level requirement for this blog page is only at the level of


In that case, no problem there right! Well, to describe a high school level requirement (from here onwards I'm gonna be bullshitting) of reading, I strongly believe that what ever I'm writing is actually simple and easy to understand but require a deeper amount of comprehension in order to get the 100% effect of my words used. Its something like a piece of steak made ready to eat but enhanced with a dash of seasoning for a better taste of the cooking. And I'm not those typical high school selected kinda people where you really need to be special to understand. Just bear in mind that I give craps. So sit back, ease your mind, take a sip of wine (if you're above 21), and laugh while reading how silly the post is.


By a stroke of events, my dearest friend also my "kai" sister asked me a question earlier today. She asked, "Am I emo?" The word emo here meant emotional.

What she wanted to know or rather clarify is that whether is she the type of girl that would simply "let out air" to her special person. Well, I told her a bunch of stuffs from A to Z which lead to other topics as well but we won't get that far okay? The truth is (now that I think back) who won't be emotional to their special ones sometimes. Its the emotion that comes into play in the first place that we recognize this special person. So the correct question is most likely to be "How emotional am I?" but not "Am I?". Lop-sided alittle, I believe all the girls in this world have the right to be more expressive of their emotion that guys. Not that I mean guys can't do it often but come on, guys have to keep their cool part sometimes too (girls will eventually feel awkward to an over-sensitive emotional guy). Why do I say that girls have a better right? This is because unlike guys who most of the time fake their "emo" or their "emo" tend to be on the same issue of jealousy, girls temper of "emo" tend to be more on the "do please understand me more" side. Its also another way of theirs to show their dire for your soft affections at times.

Okay. . . Not that I mention this means that all the "futures" out there for me can simply throw tantrums for no reasons but you are allowed for a higher frequency of doing it (need to swipe a card to minus credit every single tantrums).

I didn't mean to write such a long and boring post but my mood feels better at every single word I typed out (my mood wasn't too good at the beginning of the post). So bear with me please. Its a therapy for my "emo" session. Haha. . .

At first, I wanted to upload some old pictures of me and my family but I couldn't find any single picture of me that is good looking enough. I'm just so damn ugly last time. Haha. . . I kinda miss my family and my relatives these few days, something you don't get to see me saying out last time. I guess being two and a half year abroad really do change your personality sometimes. Maybe its for the better though. In these two and a half years, I actually do gain a lot but also at the same time lost about the same amount too. Not to forget that I really did get to know myself more in this period of time. Whether its a good thing or a bad thing, I will not disclose it here but let us all hope that I would be a better person right?


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break

I'm having Spring Break now! Just a peep on what I've done. Went to Minneapolis to visit Rain and "jadi" her kuli. Hehe... Gonna put up some pictures just for ya all to see! Enjoy!

Wilson and Seng Zhao taking picture somewhere near the bridge

Me posing before we go clubbing

Wilson copied me posing earlier

Rain and Danielle pulak tried to pose

Kim Ming joined the fun

They continued posing

Now everyone tried to act cool

It was so much fun! ;)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Love is art II

Read flora's post. Read Eming's post. They wrote about love and their definition on it (I think). As part of the committee, how could I not join in and write about this too! No doubt I do not have any inspiration at all and most probably what I'm gonna write out will be just any daytime crap of mine. Still, let's get the love going people!

Initiated from the question of; what is love?

Both of my two dearest friends commented on love by defining it in words and sentences that describe the feeling, emotion, movement, action, and more between two sides. Tho such the two sides that were being referred to by them were the male and the female. Love is this, love is that! We tend to generalize that love happens between these two ends only.

My "love is art II"

Love happens between two different sides. Love is not a feeling. Love is not from our heart. Love is just love. Another word being used to describe the strange phenomenon that happens somewhere in our body. I want to be with this person for the rest of my life. Is that truly love? Couldn't it be just reliance? I love to eat bread. Wouldn't it be just a manifesto of your diet? I love to play ball. Isn't it just a fascination of the game? Love is definitely not between two persons but between two entities. Love just happens.

I'm not sure what to say already. Totally no inspiration. Will bring up this topic again when I get the correct inspirations. But love is not to be use on human only. It can be use for everything!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I have dreams. Not those dreams that you get while you're sleeping but dreams as in those that you wanna achieve. For my dreams, what I want to achieve most would be being able to become a full-time traveler. To describe this would be best put in such way that I would spend my life moving around from one place to another in this whole wide world. Having to stay in places for a couple of months to fulfill my pockets with enough money for expenses then moving on again. And as I go from places to places, I would definitely be a part-time photographer (for personal collection and commercial use). This would definitely be memorable huh. . . Another task I would bring up while having this full-time traveling job would be writing a book of my "adventure".

Being able to travel from places to places without spending long period of time fixed in a place is so much a better way of enjoying life. Well, perhaps not to many people but I do know one or two who would agree (my dad for sure). Even so, this kinda dream might even sounds unrealistic to many many people I know. Maybe this is due to the way we are brought up and society's view of not having a proper and stable job (even my mom thinks this way). But to me this is what life is should be. Not being bound by the walls in the office, being able to see different things in different places. We only get to live this life once and I doubt I would get a second chance.


On a different note, there is a teeny weeny little wild dream I have. Firstly, I hate things to be stagnant. I like to have continuously constant changing environment. You know what I actually did hope for? Sometimes I do believe a war should happen. A large scale one. Not something like now. Something that would bring total utmost change in every single humans' lives! Many would say, "You are crazy? Don't you know the sadness and harshness of war? You are too free to think of all these." My opinion is that this is like a chance for us humans to change. With technology we have now, destroying the world during war is easy. That is why this would also bring the best out of us humans to perform in another way to save our own asses. With this humans would advance and being able to outdo what we have today. For the sake of goals either individually or in a community, changes brought by war would definitely be beneficial for human advancement no doubt sacrifices would be huge. With our current issues and happenings I do can say that we are in a mess and just like a naughty child who gets spanked sometimes for misbehavior, we humans should too. Only difference is that we would be shooting out bloods in the course of doing so.