Monday, May 19, 2008

Graduation II

I should write more on my graduation. Yes I should! Pictures and feelings and descriptions! SO most probably this post is gonna be a mixture of sad and happy stuffs!

Graduation Eve

We went to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner after a brief shopping moment in Jordan Creek. Mom was absolutely delighted to shop since it has been so long ever since she has me as shopping "kaki". I have good shopping sense for ladies' clothes as proven by many right?!
After our somewhat rolls dinner, we went to Saylorville Lake to enjoy the relaxing "breeze" and sceneries plus taking a short transit taking photos with tanks!!!
The exciting event that took place later was all the food talks made possible by my Malaysia Food GPS Dad and Setapak residents with a few introductions of PJ, Malacca, and Johor residents. Yummy~~~ I'm so glad I'm going back to savor everything!!! For those who are not coming back so soon and those who are coming back in a later date, I'll finish your portions for you all!!!
The next event that took place really surprised me so I'm gonna call it a surprising event! I thought everyone went home! And right after my shower, I heard the whole lot of people talking loudly in front of my house! Guess what? Everyone who supposed to have gone back sleeping for the graduation event came over to my place for the last event of the day! A farewell party for their party boy - ME! Man~ Damn touched by you all (not literally though). Nearly cried some crocodile's tears out. It was a real funny and sorta mixed feeling type of party. I was happy and laughing a lot because of the jokes and stuffs we talked about and at the same time somewhere inside of me it was like, "After all these, we would all have to continue on different paths and in my case, in US, this is one of the last best party that I ever gonna be involved for the time-being. We never know what the future is but for now its sad!

Graduation Day

I'm gonna continue this on the next post after I collect more photos!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Just to tell everyone!!!

I have GRADUATED !!!!!!

All my school days have finally came to a temporary stop....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Di mana ada perjumpaan, di situ ada perpisahan"

This is one of the popular phrases or quotes that were being used during my high school days in my essay writings. I had not truly to be able to grasp the meaning and feeling behind this quote as to me friends of mine are always there. However, after two and a half years living, growing, and observing, I truly understand this quote now.

I have just finish my last course finals this morning. This marks the end of my continuous years of pursuing formal education. How long have it been? I don't really know. Anyhow, after this Sunday's commencement, most of us will depart our paths differently and live to walk hard. Some being up in the North, some in the East, South would definitely have some and West would always be welcoming. I, myself would be going back to the far East. Back to what I once and still am calling HOME.

Home! A word that everyone has and cherishes. KL has always been the best place for me. But the States has not been bad either. I made friends. Friends who drink and party crazy with me, friends who share dinners with me, friends who call up to you if there is anything to "inform", friends who will be friends!

After all those words up there, I bet most of you must be starting to miss me already! So what I'm gonna say is and I will say again soon is....


Could only find this picture with all our recent looks. Should take one again soon!

PS: Graduation 18th May 2008. Make sure there's graduation gifts!!! hehe. . .

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First time. . .

Its not a special thing and I bet a lot of you folks have done it! Well, this is my first time this year! I'm actually awake at 6am in the morning! Nothing exciting, nothing special! ! ! Just waking up early for my finals at 7.30am!

Conclusion: Since the beginning of the year till now, I have never wake up this early before! ! !

I'm such a bum. . .

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Its only words...

Writing what ever that comes into my mind at the moment is the best way to ease my brain right now. Just let it all go out! All those fragments of unused wandering around words, equations, thoughts, theories and much much more.

Here we go. . .

Careless whisper

Its enough! I'll just go and sleep!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something you tend to forget

I believe everyone has the feeling and thought once in awhile where you hope that God would by somehow a slip of chance perform a miracle that you want. Unfortunately, life isn't this way and you've gotta work hard for it. I realized this a long long time ago but forgot about it until recently. I suppose that at some point in life you tend to forget and let go some important "ways of life" s that make you a person you really are. Luck isn't something that you look at upon the stars and pray hard that God would hear you out and lend a hand while all you did was just sitting under a coconut tree. Luck to me was something that I work on it knowing happily that it will happen because its done by myself and not by any other outsiders. I just remembered that awhile ago. How did I forget such an important thing? I think I got too lucky and happy.

Good night!

Note: Love and Lust would be premiering at some point of time but I'm still unsure when!
I'll be putting up a post of the two greatest teachers I had in my life.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Made of Honor

Watched "Made of Honor". One of the few 2008 movies I wanted to watch. Watched Iron Man too. Next in list will be Zohan, Love Guru, and etc.

Should I leave all those girls behind for this one?
Answer: If she's as "good" as all of them

Would I be this good looking and my dance partner being that pretty?
Answer: Hell yeah!

Anyway, just wanna blab something about this movie. I'll recommend it! Its like any typical love movie but I think the screen-play was simple and nice. Not too much and not too monotonous.

After watching I had a thought, does it really happen in real world where you realize that the person you love is gonna get married and you step in just in time before them saying "I do!". Or does that only happen in the movies just like many other things that are. I imagined two different scenarios should it happen to me:

  1. I'm the dumb guy who didn't appreciate the person I love and tried my very best to stop the wedding only to know everything I do is in vain until the last minute where I slam the church doors open and say, "STOP!" The girl would then be impressed (can't think of any sweeter words" by my "I love you" or Kumar's square root love poem and we kiss. After all those happy and hugging moments, I get punched. OUCH!
  2. I'm the lucky and perfect guy for the lady I'm going to marry not knowing (or knowing... I'm not dumb) that someone else is actually in love with her and tried to stop my wedding and "plans" for the night. *wink. Right before I say "I do" and the man in black (they should wear something brighter and happier since its a happy event) ask me to kiss the bride, some good-for-nothing asshole jumps in and shout, "You're gonna regret this!" My bride then gets stolen by his sweet words (which I give to her every single moment but she says "ewww") and tried to run off with him. I'm not that dumb though and have the doors closed. I go in front of my "bride" where she will keep apologizing and pour my tears out asking, "WHY?" I would then act generous (dumb...) and bold asking her to leave and be happy. Right when the good-for-nothing guy says thanks I punch him in the guts! YEAH! Everyone cheers! Sadly, I go back to my room and bandage up my hurting fist cause unlike the guy in the movie I'm not so well-built!
Here you go! Shit! I forgot to mention spoiler alert. . . I'm such a naughty fellow!

PS: My SAD friend. . . I have bullets for this post again!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My blog is already full of dust according to Eming when I said his is starting to get dusty. Been quite some time since my last post and I still haven't put up my post of Love & Lust! Gosh, you guys must be mad at me. Sorry people! Lately I have been inspirational-less! Haha. . . Anyway, just thought I might update what happen to me in this absence.


Except the fact that my house-mate was kinda on the down side that he was constantly being an ass nothing much happens. Maybe fooling around with some new found entertainment thanks to a certain "sad" someone (shhhh...) but the fun died down in a blink of an eye! Gimme something new to fool with please?

Oh yeah! I remembered this as Wilson (the ass house-mate) asked me this in one stupid night. He asked whether what I expected when I first come to U.S. has been fulfilled or was as expected. Here are some of the things I remembered I should expect and the results:

  1. I would stay in U.S. long term after graduating and getting job. (preferably San Francisco)
  2. I would be visiting San Francisco again while traveling to many different parts of U.S.
  3. I would do well in my profession.
  4. I would make a few more wonderful friends into my already precious list.
  5. I would get a new girlfriend. *wink
  6. I would get to date an American. (actually as long as any foreign girls might do)
  7. I would improve on my looks/vanity.
  8. I might get a particular weird accent in my English.
  9. I would experience life as such as what I watched in the Hollywood movies.
  10. I would be able to know myself better by living alone.
  11. I would get an American room-mate.
  12. I would not be a virgin anymore.

Here are the results:

  1. I didn't get a job and decided to go back to Malaysia where part of life is. I would still want a job in San Francisco though. Anytime!
  2. I didn't get to visit San Francisco again since none of my trip lists with my friends was to go there. There should be a chance to go with KM and John but I wasted it by spending 60+ hours just to go back to KL. I did get to visit many other places in U.S. thanks to our infamous road-trip with my infamous "siao" friends.
  3. One of the biggest thing I ever regret is that I didn't do as well as I would expect. I would blame nothing and no one but only myself on this. I'm still too immature and full of openings. In a blink of an eye, it was nearly too late for me to renounce myself. Luckily there was a glimpse of hope.
  4. Again, I consider myself very lucky to be able to find good companions through out my course of life. I might be unlucky in many things but this one category wins them all. From primary till secondary till college and even till now (including tuition times in KL) I have met a tremendous amount of good friends. Not only you people are sweet~ but nonetheless true. Thanks peepz! (you know who you all are. Lazy to list out)
  5. Sadly, after breaking up with my ex few months before departing to U.S. I have always been single for this past two and a half years. I tried but ......... (you guys tau tau la...) (to mom: i know what you're probably thinking but your son moved on a long time already so there are others too. Even with others no history repeats itself don't worry)
  6. This was one of the main items in my list and I'm still hoping till now. As many times as possible I remember I tried. Though so far, it had been full of dismals. Tak tau la aku salah apa. Most probably wrong height and color. *wink
  7. I did improve on my looks a little compared to last time and I did add on a lot on my vainness. The credits go to a few of you who influence me. Hehe. . .
  8. I do got a little weird accent in my English especially when I'm speaking to the "ang-mou"s. They seemed to understand what I say more when I'm in this accent. Excuses~
  9. I'm not really sure I did or not. Maybe in a few items. So, no comments here!
  10. I did get to know myself more and at the same time lose a tit and tat for knowing. No information comes without any payment made.
  11. I did applied for a local as a room-mate but they gave me KM. At first I even thought that he's a Korean. No hard feelings man. You're one of the best mate out there! Room and house mate of course! Though I know you applied for a local too and got me instead. No regrets there I hope.
  12. Lastly, and sadly enough I AM STILL ONE! What a pity!
Enjoy reading!