Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something you tend to forget

I believe everyone has the feeling and thought once in awhile where you hope that God would by somehow a slip of chance perform a miracle that you want. Unfortunately, life isn't this way and you've gotta work hard for it. I realized this a long long time ago but forgot about it until recently. I suppose that at some point in life you tend to forget and let go some important "ways of life" s that make you a person you really are. Luck isn't something that you look at upon the stars and pray hard that God would hear you out and lend a hand while all you did was just sitting under a coconut tree. Luck to me was something that I work on it knowing happily that it will happen because its done by myself and not by any other outsiders. I just remembered that awhile ago. How did I forget such an important thing? I think I got too lucky and happy.

Good night!

Note: Love and Lust would be premiering at some point of time but I'm still unsure when!
I'll be putting up a post of the two greatest teachers I had in my life.


Wilson Liong said...

yah true like i said,

luck doesn't come by itself, you work for it!