Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My blog is already full of dust according to Eming when I said his is starting to get dusty. Been quite some time since my last post and I still haven't put up my post of Love & Lust! Gosh, you guys must be mad at me. Sorry people! Lately I have been inspirational-less! Haha. . . Anyway, just thought I might update what happen to me in this absence.


Except the fact that my house-mate was kinda on the down side that he was constantly being an ass nothing much happens. Maybe fooling around with some new found entertainment thanks to a certain "sad" someone (shhhh...) but the fun died down in a blink of an eye! Gimme something new to fool with please?

Oh yeah! I remembered this as Wilson (the ass house-mate) asked me this in one stupid night. He asked whether what I expected when I first come to U.S. has been fulfilled or was as expected. Here are some of the things I remembered I should expect and the results:

  1. I would stay in U.S. long term after graduating and getting job. (preferably San Francisco)
  2. I would be visiting San Francisco again while traveling to many different parts of U.S.
  3. I would do well in my profession.
  4. I would make a few more wonderful friends into my already precious list.
  5. I would get a new girlfriend. *wink
  6. I would get to date an American. (actually as long as any foreign girls might do)
  7. I would improve on my looks/vanity.
  8. I might get a particular weird accent in my English.
  9. I would experience life as such as what I watched in the Hollywood movies.
  10. I would be able to know myself better by living alone.
  11. I would get an American room-mate.
  12. I would not be a virgin anymore.

Here are the results:

  1. I didn't get a job and decided to go back to Malaysia where part of life is. I would still want a job in San Francisco though. Anytime!
  2. I didn't get to visit San Francisco again since none of my trip lists with my friends was to go there. There should be a chance to go with KM and John but I wasted it by spending 60+ hours just to go back to KL. I did get to visit many other places in U.S. thanks to our infamous road-trip with my infamous "siao" friends.
  3. One of the biggest thing I ever regret is that I didn't do as well as I would expect. I would blame nothing and no one but only myself on this. I'm still too immature and full of openings. In a blink of an eye, it was nearly too late for me to renounce myself. Luckily there was a glimpse of hope.
  4. Again, I consider myself very lucky to be able to find good companions through out my course of life. I might be unlucky in many things but this one category wins them all. From primary till secondary till college and even till now (including tuition times in KL) I have met a tremendous amount of good friends. Not only you people are sweet~ but nonetheless true. Thanks peepz! (you know who you all are. Lazy to list out)
  5. Sadly, after breaking up with my ex few months before departing to U.S. I have always been single for this past two and a half years. I tried but ......... (you guys tau tau la...) (to mom: i know what you're probably thinking but your son moved on a long time already so there are others too. Even with others no history repeats itself don't worry)
  6. This was one of the main items in my list and I'm still hoping till now. As many times as possible I remember I tried. Though so far, it had been full of dismals. Tak tau la aku salah apa. Most probably wrong height and color. *wink
  7. I did improve on my looks a little compared to last time and I did add on a lot on my vainness. The credits go to a few of you who influence me. Hehe. . .
  8. I do got a little weird accent in my English especially when I'm speaking to the "ang-mou"s. They seemed to understand what I say more when I'm in this accent. Excuses~
  9. I'm not really sure I did or not. Maybe in a few items. So, no comments here!
  10. I did get to know myself more and at the same time lose a tit and tat for knowing. No information comes without any payment made.
  11. I did applied for a local as a room-mate but they gave me KM. At first I even thought that he's a Korean. No hard feelings man. You're one of the best mate out there! Room and house mate of course! Though I know you applied for a local too and got me instead. No regrets there I hope.
  12. Lastly, and sadly enough I AM STILL ONE! What a pity!
Enjoy reading!


Wilson Liong said...

No need to thank me one lar, that's what friend for. k?

Jack said...

Wilson: forgot to put that was excluding you. ;P

Anonymous said...

I didn't apply for local, dude!

Anonymous said...

=((((((( I don't want you to leave......

Jack said...

who's anonymous no.2?
why don't want me to leave?

Elessar said...

O... M ... G...

Tooo... Much... info ....

Head... ache...

Virgin? :p pick a streetwalker >< ya'know.. desperate times call for desperate measure...