Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 - Colorado

After recuperating a few days, I think its finally time for me to update this blog. Another reason is that one of my loyal readers mentioned earlier my blog seemed quiet and outdated. So here I am writing and updating my post although I'm still lacking in idea for this post. This would not be any depressing or sad post I promise. Its gonna be a happy, fun and painful post. Hehe. . .

What's not better than a picture to describe the trip to Colorado? A picture after all means a thousand words.

The trip consists of 13 brave men and women who all had a pledge in their hard to go through the hardship of skiing in the mountain range of Colorado. And so we begun our trip to Colorado!

11 out of 13 of us who came from Des Moines reached Denver early in the morning only to be greeted by an empty street of the popular 16th Street Mall. I can't shop as I wanted. Not only that, the whole of Denver was like deserted. People and cars were at a minimal. We browse around Denver city and made our way to Denver Airport to pick up our 2 comrades from Michigan (they missed their train which is why they needed to take the plane :p)

After picking our 2 new comrades, we head straight to our lodging place which is located near our skiing area. The place we were staying was a beautiful and cozy place with a simple touch of family and wood essence (not too sure what I'm getting into here). Anyway, a delighted thing was the place we were staying had a spa! Most of us guys rush our way in the cold to the spa place only to find out that the hot pool was an outdoor one and it was only LUKE WARM! ! ! We tried our best to stay in the pool only to jump out from the pool into the cold and rush into the sauna place.

2007 Most Eligible Guys: A little excitement for all the girl readers
Adik-adik tutup mata ye!

After a nice hot shower after a nice heated up sauna, its DINNER TIME! ! ! And the first place we had our dinner is a unique one too as we had to prepare and cook our own steak! Do look at all those chefs doing their best artistic work of food!

We skied in our second day and I won't be uploading any pictures for the ski part as it is too violent and it might scare all those kids who are reading this! ! ! Anyway, we had a few tried outs in the short and safe slope before 9 out of 13 of us lost our mind and went for the beginner's 5 mile down slope (note that other visitors or else told us the slope we were going wasn't meant for beginners). I skied and tumbled ( I dunno which one is more) but up till about 10%-15% of the slope, I heard Faisal shouted my name and asked me whether am I giving up. Without actually waiting to answer him or him listening to my answer, I joined him and Faisal in our quest to get down of that bloody slope without doing anymore further damage to ourselves. Yes! We became the Pussy Team! The Rambo Team reached 80% of the slope and gave up as it was too dangerous they thought plus they were tired. A round of applause for them!

That night we went to a club called The Church which is really a church being turned into a club. We were wondering what does the Christian community think of that! Anyway, I would comment that the club wasn't too bad except for the fact that there were not enough people to make the club as raving as it should be plus the fact that I'm only a week away from 21 years old which mean that I couldn't get any booze (Only sipping from Mario's, Wei Ming's and Wei Oo's). There were 3 halls. Each is dedicated to Techno Trance, House Techno and R&B. A happy note that took place in the club would be a young pretty chick held my waist thinking I was her boyfriend. Wasted~~~

The last day was meant for shopping! I don't think I need to tell you more what is it there about shopping. I was very happy spending my time in Calvin Klein that is I can tell. Hehe :P

Okay. . . Time to sleep!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Very moooody. . .

These few weekends had really been tiring for me. From one thing to another and it doesn't even end there. Gosh. . . Luckily Thanksgiving Break is around the very corner. Gonna go skiing in Colorado. Damn excited yet I feel like just sleeping for the whole trip. Haha. . . What a waste if I really go and do that.

My mood is in a turmoil now. I seemed like being jumpy on every single detail. Man. . . Am I getting my PMS(s) or did I just revert back to my adolescents syndrome?

I wish I was back home in KL now. >.<

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday night fever

Just had everyone left after our kinda pretty wild party earlier. Everyone was happy I hope. That is what a host wants most for their guests after all. However, truth is, after that incident, no matter how Jack I wanted to become, I can't. Deep inside I was like Wai Sun on a roll. I became what I was in the past, emotional. I try hard to forget and continue but it wasn't enough for my ego. My ego tells me that I should be trashing up every single dustbins in the town. No matter what it was, and I won't even repeat it in here, it did hit my ego in some certain ways. I might be able to let it go someday but its gonna take some time from here on. Actually, tonight wasn't such a good night after all, this weekend wasn't what I expected of, I've been left with nothing but feelings that I myself can only understand. Is it karma that made all these mishaps happened to me these past few days? If it is the 10 plaques that are gonna destroy my universe, I've left 7. I'm not sure myself on what to do. I can't confide, I can't let go, I can't wallow, I can't do anything. . .

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another grunt

Midnight! I just finished my hot and nice shower after a busy day watching movie and play. Afternoon we had "American Gangster" and night we had "The Company". Now I'm having a few moments of break until the rest of the plan return to my place and get "". You know what it is. Haha. . . Why is it so busy for me this weekend? Because there are visitors in 38th Street!


I can't think of what to write. So I'll just leave it here and begone!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Doctor Quack Jack

Sakit sini sakit sana. . .
Banyak orang sudah jatuh sakit. Sekarang aku macam dijangkit pulak. . .
It is the flu season again. Lots of merry people are getting sick and down with this wild season. And starting from yesterday evening, I think I might join them soon. Had those symptoms: feverish, cold, headache, and a big urge to eat (personal symptom). Luckily for me, my antibody which has always been up-to-date with virus definition (in other words; stronger than normal people as my dad said) seemed to be able to win the war. Early this morning I woke up feeling as usual as any other days. Maybe still a little warm after lunch but definitely in a better condition. So for those who read this and got worried, you can release your tense now.
I have a few tips up my sleeve for those who in need of it when you get those flu symptoms:

1) Keep yourself warm. Not too hot or too exposed.

2) Make yourself a cup of tan ngan lou leong cha (One-Eye-Jack Herbal Tea) and keep adding hot water after your done with the initial cup. Recycle the packet for as many times as possible. Just make sure you drink a lot.

3) Don't make yourself keep thinking that you are sick.

4) Do not consume too much food. If you are seriously hungry, take some light snacks as in a slice of bread and butter. Having more frequency of consumption is better than doing it in a shot.

These are tips provided by your doctor in the house today. . . Doctor Quack Jack!
Haha. . . For a more reliable source of cure. Do look for my doctor friend, Doctor Wong. If he is not too busy smooching around he might leave a good cure instruction after reading this. :P

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nov 6th Year 2007

Tuesday;Sunny: Its cold out there today. Is it just me feeling this way because my stomach is kinda empty or can anyone tell me you agree with me? I would have love the weather even more provided its a bit warmer than it is. I slept well last night surprisingly. My sleeping pattern in the US isn't always in its best shape. What may be the cause of this? I never know. Maybe there is a cause mentioned somewhere during my psychology class with Mrs. Singh in ADP last time. Sorry I forgot. Guess I wasn't paying too much attention during that lecture only! Honest! I do participate a lot didn't I. Haha. . . Somehow all these stuffs attract me more than a normal actuarial lesson. So, I asked myself again for the 10,000th time this year, "Am I really into my major?" I know it is a yes somewhere in my shapeless soul. The yes would be the very cause of the answer NO too. I love to travel (perhaps that is what started this kinda thinking) and I just hate to be stuck in the cubicle of an office (an open office type won't be so bad). The reason I hate to be stuck in the office so much is doing work in an office is like too formal and closed for me plus a childhood memory of mine following my mom to office when I was young. This made me to love the outside of the office a lot and making more physical movement type of jobs.
Field works which are conduct outside in the open are usually the best job I can ever dream of but I didn't choose it. Why? The main reason is I like to do all of them! So, which is the one that I can do? I don't know myself. Another reason which is quite important would be I feel that I have the responsibility to earn more for the family in the future. That is why money is very important in my career's future. Okay okay. . . Actuary isn't the biggest money maker out there and I can earn maybe even more if I have a job in the open-field type. But the other option to me is more of an interest than to earn money. So that's why I chose to do something which I am looking into money of.
Just had a talk with Lili. Yes! I typed part of this post out, went out, and came back. Anyway, she asked me whether I'm paying any extra attention to anyone right now. And my answer to her was NOPE. True indeed, I'm not dreaming or visioning anyone this semester. What a surprise some might say. Then the question goes to, "There are so many Malaysians now in Drake and a NO?" Truth is there is no one that I found particularly catchy in the moment and my taste is kinda weird sometimes. To me it all depends on the environment around you're having. At sometimes you might find type A a better one but in sometimes you might think that Type B is actually more interesting. So it all comes back to what you see is what you get.
This is a long post of craps. . .

Monday, November 5, 2007

Second Grunt In A Night

Its already midnight yet I still feel energetic! Why? Most probably is due to Wilson+KimMing's fried rice with chicken curry. Haha. . . My compliments and thanks for the food. No hard feelings. Anyway, we house-mates (including Wilson-the part-timer) had move on to Stage 3 of our Say No To Foul Mouth. Stage 3 means we are gonna have gentleman's talk from now on. Gentleman's talk means that we have to speak in a totally 100% proper manner. Something like, "Sir, would you like to have a pillow?" Haha. . . In a day after we started Stage 3, the amount added up to the penalty booms like a man's reproduction organ after certain "stimulation".

Oh yeah! I wanna take the chance to wish all exam-takers GOOD LUCK in your exams!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A permanent blog page maybe...

As the title said, could this be the very last blog page that I'm gonna use long term? Hope so...