Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday night fever

Just had everyone left after our kinda pretty wild party earlier. Everyone was happy I hope. That is what a host wants most for their guests after all. However, truth is, after that incident, no matter how Jack I wanted to become, I can't. Deep inside I was like Wai Sun on a roll. I became what I was in the past, emotional. I try hard to forget and continue but it wasn't enough for my ego. My ego tells me that I should be trashing up every single dustbins in the town. No matter what it was, and I won't even repeat it in here, it did hit my ego in some certain ways. I might be able to let it go someday but its gonna take some time from here on. Actually, tonight wasn't such a good night after all, this weekend wasn't what I expected of, I've been left with nothing but feelings that I myself can only understand. Is it karma that made all these mishaps happened to me these past few days? If it is the 10 plaques that are gonna destroy my universe, I've left 7. I'm not sure myself on what to do. I can't confide, I can't let go, I can't wallow, I can't do anything. . .