Monday, November 5, 2007

Second Grunt In A Night

Its already midnight yet I still feel energetic! Why? Most probably is due to Wilson+KimMing's fried rice with chicken curry. Haha. . . My compliments and thanks for the food. No hard feelings. Anyway, we house-mates (including Wilson-the part-timer) had move on to Stage 3 of our Say No To Foul Mouth. Stage 3 means we are gonna have gentleman's talk from now on. Gentleman's talk means that we have to speak in a totally 100% proper manner. Something like, "Sir, would you like to have a pillow?" Haha. . . In a day after we started Stage 3, the amount added up to the penalty booms like a man's reproduction organ after certain "stimulation".

Oh yeah! I wanna take the chance to wish all exam-takers GOOD LUCK in your exams!


Jodi said...

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