Monday, May 19, 2008

Graduation II

I should write more on my graduation. Yes I should! Pictures and feelings and descriptions! SO most probably this post is gonna be a mixture of sad and happy stuffs!

Graduation Eve

We went to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner after a brief shopping moment in Jordan Creek. Mom was absolutely delighted to shop since it has been so long ever since she has me as shopping "kaki". I have good shopping sense for ladies' clothes as proven by many right?!
After our somewhat rolls dinner, we went to Saylorville Lake to enjoy the relaxing "breeze" and sceneries plus taking a short transit taking photos with tanks!!!
The exciting event that took place later was all the food talks made possible by my Malaysia Food GPS Dad and Setapak residents with a few introductions of PJ, Malacca, and Johor residents. Yummy~~~ I'm so glad I'm going back to savor everything!!! For those who are not coming back so soon and those who are coming back in a later date, I'll finish your portions for you all!!!
The next event that took place really surprised me so I'm gonna call it a surprising event! I thought everyone went home! And right after my shower, I heard the whole lot of people talking loudly in front of my house! Guess what? Everyone who supposed to have gone back sleeping for the graduation event came over to my place for the last event of the day! A farewell party for their party boy - ME! Man~ Damn touched by you all (not literally though). Nearly cried some crocodile's tears out. It was a real funny and sorta mixed feeling type of party. I was happy and laughing a lot because of the jokes and stuffs we talked about and at the same time somewhere inside of me it was like, "After all these, we would all have to continue on different paths and in my case, in US, this is one of the last best party that I ever gonna be involved for the time-being. We never know what the future is but for now its sad!

Graduation Day

I'm gonna continue this on the next post after I collect more photos!


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