Friday, July 11, 2008

Desperate House-moment

Its midnight and I'm boreddddd.........

What's worse? Its a Friday NIGHTTTTTT!!!!!

I'm supposed to be out but here I am making blog post!

Well, Wei Yee did ask me whether I wanna go Icebar or not but I ain't getting any reply from here after that! Typical of her though! :p

Anyway, my room television is actually on now and I'm catching glimpse of Desperate Housewives. Never really follow the series but this is not right!

I want to live up some of my own life. Really, since I came back I haven't really been doing anything that I wanted without glitches coming up. Plus why do I feel like I don't get the feeling of being a 22.

Man, this is a night of frustration. Maybe I'll just need to get a job and everything will be more okay to my half. When I get the salary, when I get the ........ (just too many to list down)

The exam, the job applications, the too much of staying INDOOR, the restless sleep, the bu neng shuo de mi mi, the urge of going to the club and just dancing while boozing myself of, the too much of "be careful and safe" kinda environment and loads more I think. . .

Those kinda stuffs are bad for people in my age I dare say!

Note: I think I just need to get drunk and be done with it!

P.S.: The job interviews I had so far are okay I think!