Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Densha Otoko aka Train Man

This is gonna be my first post on novels! Yay! A good start!

As the name implies: Train Man or rather in Japanese its called "Densha Otoko".

This novel resolves a geek who save a bunch of people from being harassed in train and ending up dating one of the girls. As a geek (not hard feelings), he's 0 in dating as his age is equals the number of years he didn't date (imagine that!). So therefore, he gets guidance from what's he is best at. Computers and the Internet! There's a forum he goes to and he got his helps from his anonymous friends. Anyway, I'm still half way through this book but it's a great book for light reading and to relax! For those who might even be searching for assistance in dating, this book actually does help (*hint hint...).

“Train Man” teaches us the power of community in helping love triumph over geekdom.

I got the above phrase from the net which I think basically telling people what's its really about on the book. Oh yeah! There's even a movie and a drama series on this too since it is an international best seller. Anyway, what I do like about this book is that it's not like your normal novel where everything is in paragraphs and dialogs. The way the author put it in the book is actually in a web forum style which is interesting to read with all those short-hands and emoticons we usually use on our MSN or forum chats.

Here's a sample:

I think I'll watch the movie once I finish reading the book!