Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hammering Thoughts That Should Be Typed Out


Just finished the series "Forensic Heroes II" after a week's chase. Kinda lagged behind cause I had to wait for mom's free time! Anyway, a typical TVB series which will definitely set all viewers in motion just like any other. So, do watch it if you're interested. I don't usually have any bad reviews on stuffs I watch (except for Harry Potter movies though I still catch them when it's out) since I throw away 90% of all my sense of logics and rational. I could probably say whether the movie or drama or cartoon or anything on screen is awesome to watch or good to watch or for entertainment maybe or watch it when all the good ones are done. So no harm to the producers there right! *wink

charmaine sheh forensic heroes ii subtheme.mp3 - Charmaine Sheh

Anyway, fellow readers who watched the "Forensic Heroes II" already and know details on it, do leave a comment here telling me what's the name of the song that comes out for every relationship scenes! Thanks!

I went to Clique Lounge with a bunch of friends (not really a bunch since there's only 4 I know) last night because it just opened (typical KL-ians to go to any new spots to chill). The short review I would give is that its not a bad place to chill out and have a cocktail or two with friends should mamak doesn't sound too appealing at certain nights. Though keep it mind only to chill and have a drink. Definitely wouldn't go there should you feel hyper and wanna start dancing with every partner you can get. But I definitely saw good looking ones in the lounge last night (note that I'm only referring to the girls in the lounge) so should you feel moody and wanna get to know some new people, its not a bad place to try out. Oh, the place is in Piccolo Hotel where the Piccolo Mondo used to be in Bukit Bintang.

After some booze (which I needed after some time), we head out to watch Hellboy II! Spoilers ahead! Not too much spoilers too kill ya off but I would say expect to go there for a laugh rather than the action! Oh! Make sure you notice the penis during the show! Had a good laugh on that scene !@#$% (definitely under the influence of alcohol)

I just realized my alcohol tolerance has went down quite a bit. Not to say that I have a high tolerance for alcohol but fairly okay to keep myself sane after some drinks. After thinking back a little, I would say it definitely had gone down compared to when I was in the States.

To all readers, especially those who were fairly exposed to my long delayed of "Love and Lust" posting, I finally have clues on what I think I wanna write about. Now I'll just need more information to add on the posting that I wanna put!

Initially I wanted to talk about my reputation on being a true "wai lui sei" but was having writer's block on what I really wanted to explain about. Somehow, I really live to my reputation! Proud of it! Though still a WLS, I think I wanna pull back some of the essence and live low for a moment. Surprised? Me too! It's just one of my "bu neng shuo de mi mi"s and I think it's wise of me to do this now. Though I will still keep a lookout for pretty ladies on the street or anywhere, but just gonna keep it to a bare minimum!

Nights people!


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