Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The stroy goes...

I got a post!

It has been some period of time that I have something to post regarding myself. People have been asking me, "How are you?" and "What's new?" but I have nothing to tell. Life's been pretty mundane but I do have things to tell. Just preferred to keep it to myself. Kept it to myself until my headache tells me I gotta let go some air of the story. Oh well, at least I'm planning to tell it to one of my closest friend. Anyhow, the fella ain't replying my messages! Must be too "busy". Haha!

The story goes...

Mom's cooking is so delicious.
AmAssurance is where I'm working right now.
Denmark is a place where one of my good friend is right now.
Electricity is so costly nowadays.
Of all majors, why did I do Actuarial?
Fat is a nickname I gave to a friend of mine.
Headache is what I got today.
Only my dad's massage suits me best.
No one will get what this message meant.
Office is not a place I wanna stay my longer hours in.
Romance is not something I'm willing to put my stakes on for now.

I dare say, the story has some of the similar elements.



leongghee said...

made of honor : p

nyrac said...

it's super obvious la dei =.=|||

Anonymous said...

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