Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coffee or Tea?

Went to The Loft last night. What can I say... I would only go there for a chill but never to dance. The music sucks max first of all. Anyhow, not that all these have any matters. It's my friend's birthday celebration after all. So, no complaints! Well, good things do pass by in front of our eyes sometimes and last night was one of those times.

I think the last time it happened to me was during college. Then, I was young, full of haste and lack of loads of stuffs. Now, I'm a bit older, less haste and still lacking loads. CUT THE CRAP!

I decided to let go of something yesterday and by night fall, I met someone who is soooo my kind of tea (or coffee). It's been awhile since the last time I saw (*hint: my laptop used to have a lot of her photos and I keep saying she's the most CUN) someone that instantly makes my brain to tell me, "She's your type!" Anyhow, all talks and nothing done is a no-no here! What can I do? Wait for a chance to come by? Will that ever happen? I doubt!



Anonymous said...

tiu ..go for it la jack...wait fuck

Anonymous said...

sz-pls dont use ur foul words here.
jack-dont wait anymore, go for it. u're more lucky than wilson since he hasnt met anyone YET.

Jack said...

sz: don't put anonymous if you're gonna use your name at d end!

to d other fella... don't need to put also, i know who u r!

rain said...

I also know who he is know what?! When you all left already one swears together with him for a long time whenever he's with sz, he could practice nicely wei.