Friday, August 22, 2008


We grow up. From the days when we were still sucking onto our milk-bottle till today or even the future. Anyway, the point is we grow up. All these years of growing up and learning are actually a way for us to sew on what is it that we want to do. As the title said, our purpose.

The beginning or the early years that we had, all and all accumulating in their own sort of patterns and distributions for us to know what we want to do for ourselves, for our future. And by now, most people would already have a rough idea on their lives' purpose while some might even already known of it ages ago and are already half-way into achieving it. However, knowing or not knowing our purpose now, it is after being heavily influenced by our environment. It might help or it might close an eye not lending you a hand. I'll have to put it in such ways that most of the time, only the determined ones are able to receive the lending loan needed.

As for I myself, the lending hand has not reached me yet. I do not blame. As, even now, I'm still unaware of my own purpose. Would I want to set my purpose as to bring up my career to as far and as successful as possible? Would I want to set my purpose in other fames that I might be interested on? Would I set my purpose to just live day by day, minutes by minutes and of course every moment counts?

My inner-self is telling me, living on day by day on a regular routine would not get me satisfaction. My inner-self claims putting in some beats into my regular world would definitely brighten up my mundane world. My conscious tells me that I should live on as simple and as attentive as possible while cherishing every moment to build a proper and stable life. My conscious tells me too that in the world nowadays, being successful would definitely gives me the feeling of euphoria. What is success? For me, it's just being and doing better today than yesterday. My heart tells me that being happy for yourself is a success. The question comes back every time then, which way is what?

The feeling of purpose-less really does take its toll on people or at least for me. Knowing what I want to do would definitely make me feel better. Not knowing takes away the energy from me. Heartless to do, clueless on myself, drive-less to be happy.

I've known the happiness and the great feeling of having a purpose or at least know what to do before. I could only say that those times were the 2 years where I did my college. I have control of my desires and walkings. I do have a protocol that I would need to follow of course such as courses that I'll need to take. But at the same time, I was given the call to take up my very own like-able courses. One of the reasons I have loads of funny courses in my list but at least I know I want them. Having or knowing what you want is what I believe that sets you to be happy and to be yourself as what that 2 years in college have done to me. I was myself.


support said...

What is Success? It is arriving at the end of life knowing that you've made the world a better place than it was when you arrived. Knowing that people have been blessed, encouraged, and helped along their way. It is the ability to look back and think 'well done'.