Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Grunts

Have been trying to study for about 40minutes! But my brain is just too worn out today. It has been a not-too-good Monday. Well, things are messy and hectic in the office these few days with everything rolling out and stuffs. Anyhow, am gonna try to continue tomorrow. I mean both work and studies! I actually have to reach office by 7.30am to have breakfast with a colleague and then finish up our work. Studies shouldn't be much of a hassle as this is meant to be progressive. But still, got to do it! Funny, I kinda welcome studying (I hope it lasts) as it carries a small essence of youth that I've left since I graduated. Anyhow, studying alone is still different from studying together-gether with folks from Corn-Field. At least I get some (maybe too much) stress-relief moments. Plus laughing along with everyone bout something as stupid as silly as a seahorse is the best right! Haven't got a good laugh for ages now. Everyone's just too busy. Will try to think of something wacky in due times (most probably when I'm bout to burst).

Though seriously, I find myself having more focus ever since I came back to KL. Not in everything. But since I just mentioned studies, the focus did went up more. Kinda getting back the feel of handling exam pressure from old times. Mostly because of KL essence that I'm more comfortable with. Though I'm kinda losing more and more focus in working out and exercising (which I will get back to schedule starting this weekend).

This weekend is something to look forward to. With next Monday being a public holiday and Sunday, Sunday! Gonna go to Kuala Selangor to have seafood with a bunch of people from the neighborhood. Dad's friends and their families. Anyhow, at least some traveling would do me good. That's why I'm gonna slog myself to end this week as soon as possible!

On a side note, I really wanna try our Euphoria in Ministry of Sound. Audrey said to go on Thursday but most probably I can't! Work on Friday (I wanna get high)! Plus, I already have a not-to-be-missed food appointment for dinner! So, please make it on Friday! The chances of me able to go would go up by a minimal of 1%!

Anyway, post ends here. I wanna go listen to some oldies and read up Thirteenth Tale (Michelle! You should be proud! This is my 3rd reading. Damn addictive. Actually so does any other novels I read but you should).

P.S.: Wilson, my reply on MSN was a lie! Cheers!


Wilson Liong said...


I knew it! For a moment, I was like wtf?!! but after calming myself down, I was like.. "that can't be true!" and after reading your blog, I'm like... u'll pay for this!

Wah???!! Jack so semangat study worrr!!! good good good! All the best in ur exam har!

See u in Feb!

nyrac said...

eh you kata nak pinjamkan i thirteenth tale...