Monday, August 18, 2008

Lost Control

I woke up this morning~ duhhh!

I woke up this morning feeling weird (not those stickiness issue weird of course). I tried recalling my sleeping memories and came into the conclusion that I have indeed lost my special ability. I asked myself, "How could that happen? Now I won't get any special attentions anymore!"

Guess what my special ability is. It's the ability to control my dreams. I can actually at times control what I want to dream and how I want it to be! Shocked? Well, I don't suppose so as there are quite a few people whom I know that can accomplish this too. I still remember though from my Psychology class with Mrs. Singh (she's damn cool!) that there are people that can control their dreams and I was one of the 2 in the class that actually could (the other was Sin). She even asked us to describe how we control our dreams.

Here is how I used to do it!

When I was still a kid, I usually create dreams that I want. Usually it's from events that happen on the day that I don't find it having a good continuation or conclusion. So therefore, I dream! It's like entering into a player set and I'll be like I wanna dream this. And there it goes. From the dream I'll walk through from the beginning of the event and watch the plot unfolds. When I reach the part that I'll need to decide which course of plot to go on, I'll choose and if I don't like it, rewind and play another set of course! Rewind as much as I want to change the plot! The only thing I can't do is fast forward. So everything goes on real-time.

As I grew older, I was like, I'll drop the idea of creating my own dreams and let it happen in randomness. I'll only do the course changes and enjoy. So, if I'm dreaming of a random event or scene, I'll just let it happen and enjoy until I'm asked to decide how to continue. The same applies. Plus, when I come to parts that I really like, I'll just keep on replaying that part while sacrificing the answer to the ending.

Anyhow, I was having loads of dreams last night and there was one that was exciting and funny too. But somehow, as much as I wanted, I can't control the course or rewind anymore. Everything has taken its own gear. Damn!

Does this kind of control goes away with age (because we lose control to so many things as we grow older)?

*pondering ( ? .?)


Wilson Liong said...

Dear friend,

You could not control dreams while you are asleep because you have more important dreams to accomplish while you are not asleep.

hohohoho... sentimental lerrrr!

Jack said...

goodness! did work turn u into a "sensible" (aka boring or mono) karma old man?