Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hari Raya Day II

Today's the second day of the Raya celebration for the Muslim (also the second day of my holiday)! It's really hard to accept the fact that I won't be touching office for another 3 more days! Yay! Holidays are hard to come by once you started working. Believe me. It's that precious! Well, if you are the sorta person who is dedicated and absolutely obssessed with your work like Audrey then going to work is really a no brainer. Anyhow, skip the work topic. I'm on holiday! Should be thinking of other bigger pictures in the world.

Before, I do forget. It's Elizabeth's birthday today! Happy Birthday! Enjoy being ** (I know you'll appreciate the age-censored). Anyhow, I did promise to join ya celebration but was kinda busy! Hehe... Soon ya!

I did realize soemthing regarding this blog of mine. It lacks information! I seemed to be posting a lot of bimbo postings on myself and stuffs that I rarely post up some screwed up wild thoughts of wisdom that I usually did last time. Oh well! Maybe I just love to brag nowadays.

There is a very important information that I just remembered though. I haven't gone shopping yet!!! Due to unforeseen reasons, my shopping-mate (not gonna make her feel guilty by putting her name here but I think most of you know who she is) FFK-ed me yesterday. It's a good enough reason and I accepted her excuse. Anyhow, the point is I still haven't shop yet! Luckily, I was able to fill in the busy-turned-void day yesterday by going with Audrey and Shawn. Phew! Anyhow, shopping-mate said we're gonna shop tomorrow. So, keep my fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Who's your shopping mate ah?
I bet she must be damn pretty and beautiful.

okla okla you know it's me. ><

Wei do you shop on weekdays? After work? What about tues? hehehe. Wed also can.
Sorry la about ffk-ing u. I also wanted to go shopping leh. I have not enough shoes to wear.