Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm bored. Too bored. It's gonna spread a mundane toned down mood to everyone who reads my blog nowadays. Not only me though. Have been chatting a lot with Flora on MSN these few days. A lot since God knows when. Anyhow, this post is not to talk about Flora. Not enough time to write all the stuffs on her alone. Haha...

As my boring fingers are typing and shuffling along the cursor, I landed on Cosmopolitan website and was browsing some of the articles there. I found one of it to be "Love Questions Every Guy Ask Himself". And so I thought to myself, among all these questions, which that I asked myself before? Here's the result...

  • Does she think I’m funny?
  • What's she like in bed?
  • Are lulls in the conversation first-date awkwardness or a sign that she has nothing to say?
  • Am I really willing to give up on other potentials for her?
  • Will my friends like her?
  • Will she eventually look as MILF-hot (or troll-like) as her mom does?
  • She may work now, but do I make enough money to support her and a family if I need to?
  • Can I be happy never having sex with another woman for the rest

So, here's my list of questions that I used (or some maybe still) to think of. Ciao!


Sabrina said...

Hey, dropping by to say hie^^
hmmm... thats all u need to ask urself and I agree^^.