Wednesday, February 13, 2008

R.I.P. my Thinkpad R51

Its been such a sad period of time for the past few days. My laptop which had served for a definite four years now has finally lost its fight. My laptop has given up hope on me (the user). Haihz. . . Because of this, I just purchased a new laptop which costs me a bomb (shouldn't have listen to Kim Ming to upgrade all the specs). Right now I'm using Kim Ming's laptop since I just bought the same brand as his laptop (must get used to its stuffs first right !). Now I'm only hoping that my brand new super pricey laptop would reach soon as I'm desperate to perform my daily needs with it!!! Not forgetting my old laptop, I would like readers to take a minute of silence to pay our last respect to my R-51 Thinkpad. Rest in peace. . .

Enough with sad shits. . . I'm having writer's block this few days. So, I'm just gonna show everyone some pictures taken in Keny's place during his 3-in-1 home party! ! !

38th Street Reds with the Hyper-Mui
38th Street Reds, Quack, "High" Romeo
38th Street Reds, Quack, QuickTrip(QT)
38th Street Reds, Da Niao
38th Reds, Quack, Da Niao, RNHS Guy
Encore: Kim Ming's mom would be overjoyed!!! Don't you agree?


Danielle Suseela said...

I think she would be!! Wheres Romeo here??

the hyper mui said...